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Author Topic: RS Divisions re-designed (2015)  (Read 2618 times)

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RS Divisions re-designed (2015)
« on: Sunday , 11 January 2015 - 22h27 »
Hello all RoyalStormers!
First of all I would like to thank you for your love for the community and being awesome. :)

Second of all I would like to inform everyone about some changes happening right now. We are moving on to a new phase.  ;D
We restructured the way how Divisions work, meaning that the divisions now represent game genres rather than specific games.
This was elaborated by the RoyalStorm Admins to further grow and improve the Divisions and was approved by the RoyalStorm Leadership unanimously.
As a consequence, the roles of "Leader" and "Deputy" have been reviewed and adjusted. Also a new role entitled "Tutor" was created.

- Based on game genre and not limited to simply one game or system/platform, allowing to play any game that the heart desires within the context of the Division.
- Provide a place for people with similar game passions to meet and socialize.
- Always has one Leader as manager/point of contact.
- Can have Deputies for specific games if so needed.

Division Leader:
- is a point of contact for members and deputies alike within the division.
- can decide what games justify having a deputy and select/promote the deputy in question.
- can organize events to any game inside the division.
- can provide memberships: Deputy; Member; Friend.

Division Deputy:
- runs the in-game "guild" (if any) of the specific assigned game.
- is a point of contact for members within the game the Deputy manages.
- can organize events associated to the game the Deputy manages.
- can provide memberships: Member; Friend.

- Offers assistance to new Leaders or Deputies on the tasks of recruiting and event creation. Mostly focused in teaching on how to do it and how to think about it.
- This role does not have any extra permissions.
- Any Leader/Deputy that receives tutoring can then be a Tutor as well for other future new Leaders/Deputies in the RS community.

As of this moment, all previous Divisions of RoyalStorm have been scrapped and these are now the Divisions existing in RoyalStorm:

MMORPG Examples: (Blade & Soul, Aion, Archlord)

Dungeon Crawlers Examples: (Diablo, Path of Exile)

MOBA Examples:(Dota, LoL, Smite)

Survival / Sandbox Examples: (Minecraft, Terraria, Space Engineers)

1st/3rd Person Shooters Examples: (Star Conflict, GRP, TF2, Insurgency)

Strategy / Simulation Examples: (Age of Empires, Civilization, Truck Simulator, RTS games)

Racing / Sports Examples: (Trackmania, Mario Kart 8, Tennis, Football)

Fighters / Retro Examples: (SF, KOF, TK, old “10y+” games)

Single player / Others Examples: (Touhou, Osu!, Indie, casual, card games, and what does not fit in any other category)

These Divisions changes are already implemented in our Teamspeak server and will take a bit longer to be represented on the forum.
As a final note, if you have any questions relating this topic, just post here and we will be happy to reply.  ;)
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