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Title: Division application - Dungeon Crawlers
Post by: WhiteHorse on Sunday , 18 January 2015 - 08h59
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Division Supervisor: WhiteHorse

- Yuuhi (Path of Exile)

Please take a moment to read a couple of things about us:

- Our Rules and Values (
- About Us and Our history (

If you agree with our rules and values and like what you read about us, reply to this topic with this info:

- Ingame name:
- Have you read and agree with our rules and values (
- Your age:
- Game & server that you wish to play in this division:
- How did you found out about RoyalStorm?
- Why do you want to join RoyalStorm or what are your expectations with this community?
- If we wish to talk to you, at what times are we more likely to find you online?
- Have you played, or are you playing in other communities? If yes, specify.
- What kind of gaming experience do you have (which games/types, for how long)?

Please have in mind that this topic is to submit applications ONLY. Any other type of post will be removed.

(applications/replies will be deleted once they are processed)