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Title: Generic Rules and Values
Post by: Jonybat on Friday , 30 September 2011 - 01h19
Generic rules & values:

01- RoyalStorm is international, meaning there is no preconception against any nationality when recruiting.

02- The official language is English. Every member must be able to understand and communicate in English.

03- Non-official languages can be used in private chats as long as everyone present in the private chat is able to fully understand them.

04- RoyalStorm is an adult oriented legion, meaning that we recruit people older than 17 years old. Exceptions can only be made if there is an adult within the legion who will take responsibility for the minor.

05- When a member joins RoyalStorm he/she becomes a part of the community, not just the division. Therefore, he/she gains the ability to interact with other divisions as well.

06- There must be no rivalry between the divisions and their members. If a member does not like a game, he/she should not criticize it and simply not play it.

07- Registration on RoyalStorm Forum and TeamSpeak is required for all members, even if they don't have a microphone. Members should manage their profile/account details (ie: signature) to describe in which divisions (or games) they are playing in.

08- All divisions are located within the same RoyalStorm website/forum/teamspeak. No other parallel sites/servers are to be used.

09- All divisions share the RoyalStorm logo and name (within the possibilities of the game).

10- RoyalStorm enjoys an adult, friendly and family-like enviroment. Therefore, everyone needs to be respectful and nice to each other. Drama queens and troublemakers will be immediately expelled.