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Author Topic: What is RoyalStorm? / RoyalStorm History  (Read 12692 times)

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What is RoyalStorm? / RoyalStorm History
« on: Sunday , 16 January 2011 - 04h24 »
What is RoyalStorm?
RoyalStorm is a project, that focus in the community factor as much as in the game. Simply put: “we recruit persons, not characters”*.

Stability and friendship between all its members is very important. Thus we call it a family.

Being a true “RoyalStormer” requires some strength of character from the players. Why? Because as a community driven legion, it requires the effort and contribution of all its players for its growth. Both in game (making events, recruiting) as well as off game (organization, knowledge sharing). The result will be a feeling of real connection with the legion and project as well as with the other international players.

We want players willing to help make a legion grow, rather than just joining already a big one.
It is not what the legion can do for them, or what they can do for the legion. It’s what they can do for each other.

* We will never refuse someone based on their character not being a certain class, or by being with “no open vacancies”. No matter how big we get. What matters is that it is a nice, mature and friendly player behind the character.

RoyalStorm history:
RoyalStorm was founded in the MMORPG game Archlord, after negotiations between the guilds “Unleashed” and “WhiteShadows” which took place in the European night of 12th, January 2008.

It’s founders were (by alphabetic order):  (from  Unleashed) Ekar, Milhas, Whitehorsept; (from WhiteShadows) Aracknar, Sarolf, Urukhack. (3 senior members from each previous guild).

It’s logo was a result of the combination of the 2 previous guilds logo and colors, a suggestion by Whitehorsept approved by the other co-leaders.


The guild name was chosen by the community out of a big list of suggested names, the chosen name was a submission from Whitehorsept (that was based on the logo looks).

RoyalStorm since its beginning was a noble on its ways. Non PKers, friendly, non corrupt, intercontinental players, that would defend their own.

It grown in the game to become the 3rd option in the guilds rivality, that existed in the server. Taking none of the existing 2 sides (both PKers).
This was later supported by other smaller guilds that joined in big Alliance together to make it a strong 3rd option.
Thus RoyalStorm became a very known and respected guild on its server by other players and leaders, both in supporter and enemy guilds. Recognized by its honest and respectable players, as well as on their fun and friendship.

Archlord in the meanwhile started to lose its players, and this became true as well as for members and staff of the RoyalStorm.
In its final days inside Archlord, the few remaining players of RoyalStorm and other remaining alliance legions, joined up on Aion closed betas.
Since then, they decided to create a joined legion on Asmodian side. That guild name was Obscuritas, and played on the Castor server (europe).
Some old RoyalStorm players were attracted by the move to a new game (that is attracting as well). Some joined Obscuritas.

On the case of WhiteHorse and Milhas, after playing the open beta, both felt they did not wish to leave the name RoyalStorm (and what it represents) behind.
This, combined with the factor that both really wanted to play as Elyos, made RoyalStorm project reborn again (15 September 2009) just a few days before the official launch of the game Aion.
This reborn provides the challenge and pleasure of making RoyalStorm once again to repeat its humble and noble start and see it grow again from something unknown on the server to something that overtime will get popularity.

Some old RoyalStorm members that were feeling the same as WhiteHorse and Milhas, decided to join the re-borning RoyalStorm on Elyos.
RoyalStorm was created in a different server from Obscuritas, to permit players from both legions to play in both races if they so wish in the future.

In Aion, RoyalStorm not only kept it's name and some of it's original players/leaders but also kept references to it's original logo, in its new 3D made format.


In August/September 2011 after some debate in TeamSpeak meetings and due to the loss of interest on Aion as well as the wish to keep everyone in contact and not limited to one game, RoyalStorm began a transformation process from a single game based MMORPG legion, to a Gaming Community that does not limit it self to one game only neither to just MMORPGs. The Gaming Community idea was well received and meetings were done online to create/approve it's constitution base rules and guidelines.

In January 2015 an adjustment to the structure was implemented, previously drafted by the Admins and unanimously approved by the RoyalStorm Leadership (10-Jan-2015). The new structure meant that the divisions now represent game genres rather than specific games and slightly changed the roles of Leaders and Deputies. It also added the concept of "Tutors" that assist new Leaders and Deputies to gain experience in tasks like Recruiting and Event creation.

Some references.
Currently active players that have been in RoyalStorm already in it's first generation (Archlord):
- Bartas, Jonybat, WhiteHorse.

Players that sponsor RoyalStorm:
- Jonybat (provides our private primary TeamSpeak server and some RoyalStorm game servers)
- Bartas (provides hosting to our website/forum and created the domain
- WhiteHorse (supports the cost of the domain, provides some RoyalStorm game servers, our private backup TeamSpeak server and our resources monitoring server)
- Kisoon (provides some RoyalStorm game servers)
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